Road trip in Malaysia – May 2019

Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Terenganu – Belum Rainforest – Alor Setar (Kadah) – Kuala Lumpur


It was a long pending trip for me. I have been planning for this trip but could not manage time and scope. Whoever I shared about this trip, they said it is impossible. Except one person who showed me this troute. The route will start from Kuala Lumpur (KL) and will end in KL. The plan was to drive from Kuala Lumpur towards Kuala Terengannu, then drive to a nearby lake where house boats are available, then drive to Belum Rainforest and further up towards Kedah to Alor Setar. From Alor Setar towards KL.

My travel companions are my wife and my son. Both are ready for this nonstop driving trip. My van (Suzuki Ertiga, a seven seater MPV) is also ready.

We started our driving sometimes at 11 AM in the morning. Why so late, because we could not finish few urgent works on time and we started late. Ideal time to start a long trip is very early of a day.

We took out first break after few hours. In Malaysia in most of the highways, there are resting places where you will get fuel station, food courts, fast food chains, prayer room, toilets etc. We choose one of them. We refuel the car, took some snacks and then started again.

Our initial ambition was to see some of the beaches at Kuala Terengannu. We have been there before and been to beaches there (i.e. Kijal, Dungun, Merang etc.), . So, that was an option for us for this time. Also we started late. So we could not reach Kuala Terengannu before sunset. We reached to our first destination which is our hotel at Kuala Terengannu.


It was long drive and I was tired. But We went out for food. It was Ramadan time. We broke our fasting while driving. it was not a good one. So, we looked for good food options. But druing Ramadan time Kuala Terengannu restaurants and shops closes very soon. It was only 9 PM and we had to drive a lot to find a restaurant for dinner.

We found only one restaurant and it has only one dish. We ordered food and finished our dinner there. After that we came back to hotel and slept.  The early breakfast (Sahoor/Seheri) was served by the hotel. So, we did not need to go out again. It was limited items, but it was ok for us.

On next we went to see Crystal Mosque (Masjid Kristal). Our hotel was near from the mosque. We drove there. It was a mosque made by steel, glass and crystal and located at the Islamic Heritage Park on the island of Wan Man.

From crystal mosque we went to Jetty Houseboat Tasik Kenyir. It is on a beautiful lake. We went to the nearby viewpoint. There was a small Aquarium, restaurants at the viewpoint.

After Tasik Kenyir, we started our journey towards Belum Rainforest Resort. Belum is a rainforest area. It was nice driving route inside rainforest. The resort is beside Temenggor Lake. The resort has a restaurant. You can enter the restaurant and enjoy food with nice view, even though you are not staying there. I have found a Bangladeshi worker there who also helped me to reach at some nice viewpoint at the resort.

We stayed there for almost one hour and then started our journey again. As we were fasting, we did not took any food at Belum. We started our drive towards Alor Setar at Kedah. On the way, just before Iftar (Breaking fast), we found a nice village Iftar Bazar. We bought iftar from there and waiting for the time.

After Iftar, we started our journey again. We have reach at Alor Setar during evening. After check in, we went outside for dinner. After dinner we came back to hotel and slept.

Next day, we started our journey towards KL. This is a long journey, but road is very straight. Total distance I had to cover of that day was around 460 KM. On the way, we stopped for few times for resting, snacking, refueling. If you have time, you can go to Penang, Pangkor, Ipoh, Cameroon Highland, Genting Highland. All these places will be on the way. We did not have time and we had to come back early.

That was our 3 days 2 nights trip where we covered more than 1400 KM.